Risk Management

Safety and Operational Risk Management

To improve Safety and Operational Risk Management, we provide specialized advisory services for implementation of Occupational Safety Management and Risk Based Process Safety Management. Our consultants work with the clients to recognize, evaluate and mitigate risks to operations.

We provide Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Training to build organizational safety culture with a focus on developing process safety culture among Leaders, Managers and Employees. An Incident and Injury Free workplace where every one goes home safely is the objective of our BBS program.

Our Risk Based Process Safety Management consultancy is based on the Centre For Chemical Process Safety (CCPS/AIChE) RBPS 4 Pillars and 20 Element Model. Our consultants carry out a gap assessment in risk-based process safety implementation at the client sites and provide prioritized consultancy to improve the process safety and prevent disasters.

A set of Life Saving Rules tailored to the industry and a set of rules on Process safety Fundamentals form the basis of our safety and operational risk management support.

We also undertake Loss Prevention/Mitigation audits related to fire protection systems. These audits assess compliance with Fire Protection standards, applicable laws, regulation, guidelines and provide assurance that management systems comply to the regulations/industry standards.

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